Sonia De Los Santos

La Golondrina: A Musical Journey from Latin America to NYC

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Sonia was born with a smile on her face (that’s what her mom always says) and she can easily find the things in the world that bring her joy. In ¡Alegría! (Joy!) her second family album, she shares some of the themes that make her happy: migrating butterflies, waking up early, wildflowers, maracas, being grateful to her parents, playing with her band, and of course, singing about birds! These songs in Spanish and English are inspired by various Latin American rhythms including son jarocho, cumbia, gaita, currulao and huayno hailing from Mexico, Colombia and Peru as well as the North American folk traditions from the United States. This unique concert also includes songs from her debut album, “Mi Viaje” which reflects her experiences growing up in Mexico and moving to another country, learning about other cultures, and in the process, feeling closer to her own heritage. Messages of joyful community music making and cultural bridge building will inspire and excite children and grown ups of all backgrounds.

Fiesta con Sonia De Los Santos, a new concert that debuts at the New Victory Theater in 2019, features her core band as well as Latin American musicians and dancers as special guests. The program is available for touring in a format that will incorporate local artists in cities throughout the country in a collaborative musical celebration of Latin America.

Sonia De Los Santos offers Latin American rhythm and dance workshops for kids.


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“Walls separate people, bridges connect. It’s something to consider when you see people expanding their horizons and spreading positive vibes for a change. One such woman is Sonia De Los Santos.”


Interview by Eileen Willis      April 18, 2018

Parent's Choice Gold Award Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island

Parent's Choice Gold Award Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island

"Latin Children's Music Artists You Should Know"

"Latin Children's Music Artists You Should Know"