Okee Dokee Brothers

Okee Dokee Brothers


2017 NOMINEE ~ Best Children’s Album of the Year, Saddle Up

Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander have been exploring the outdoors together since they were kids.  Their extended canoe trip down the Mississippi River inspired their GRAMMY award-winning album Can You Canoe? and was the first in their Adventure Album Series.  Their trek along the Appalachian Trail and the musicians they met along the way was the subject of their follow up release, Through the Woods, and their latest album, Saddle Up is a joyous adventure through the American West. “It’s pitch-perfect old-time country subtly grounded in 21st-century values: a tolerant, nonviolent Wild West, both gender and ethnicity-diverse, that still swings hard enough for the grown-ups to dance a two-step.” – No Depression.

With songs written by campfire and harmonies born on the water, the natural world is at the heart of their Americana folk music. The Okee Dokee Brothers make room for kids to dance, for parents to share stories, and for everyone to gain respect for nature, each other, and the world we live in.

In 2015, the Okee Dokee Brothers performed with the Minnesota Orchestra in a sold out concert for families at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. The program, featuring twelve of their most loved songs, is now available for touring with scores and parts for full orchestra.

“The Okee Dokee Brothers remind us of the American belief that we’re bound for better weather. Their album, Can you Canoe? celebrates everyday explorers, young and old, who rediscover that notion daily.” – NPR

“Can You Canoe? is as important in your home as your well-thumbed editions of Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild Things Are… It is absolutely the best album fo r kids & families ever made.” – Jeff Bogle, Out With The Kids

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WINNER, 2013 GRAMMY: Best Children’s Album of the Year, Can You Canoe?

Nominee, 2015 GRAMMY: Best Children’s Album of the Year, Through The Woods

Nominee, 2017 GRAMMY: Best Children’s Album of the Year, Saddle Up